Which Kilt is Best for you

Which Kilt is Best for you

Utility Kilt kilts outfit

Utility Kilt, or Modern Utility Kilt as it is also known, is a contemporary style that features cargo pockets to store stuff. It is generally made up 100% cotton, with plenty of storage spaces for utility. We have a large selection of Utility Kilts, Kilt and Jacks.

If you’re the type of guy who loves to go out, but doesn’t want to wear a regular kilt, then I recommend a utility kilt. The Utility Kilt is ideal for rugged and hard use. There are many options for Utility Kilts.

Tartan Kilt Traditional

Traditional Tartan Kilts (or Scottish Kilts) are the traditional Kilts. They represent various clans as well as their history. Tartan Kilts typically consist of 100% Wool or acrylic wool with patterns representing different types and clans. These kilts are typically worn with clan history and family background.

Buy a tartan tartan for your family to wear on special occasions. These kilts usually are worn on weddings and other special events when people are representing their clans or families.

Utility Kilt and Tartan Kilt

Let’s see which one we like best, a utility kilt vs a tartan.

The answer to this question is “it depends upon your requirement.”

If you plan on wearing a kilt every day, you might consider getting a Utility Kilt.

If you want a kilt to be worn for formal wear or for traditional purposes, you should consider a tartan one.

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