Were marketing trends met for 2019?

Were marketing trends met for 2019?

At the end of each year, season or course, we are more concerned about what is to come than what has really happened and try to learn from mistakes and enhance successes.

New trends are launched every year that will change the way businesses understand; In marketing, it is common to see predictions about the new that will break the current paradigm and cause a new way of doing things.

Let’s see what issues were proclaimed as disruptive the previous yearin capital smart city

and how digital marketing has evolved:



A few years ago the infographics and networks that collected them became fashionable, such as Pinterest.

In 2019, the number of bloggers who have added the podcast as added content has grown. And the platforms that emit audios, such as Ivoox, spotify, itunes, Blubrry, Stitcher, TuneIn, …

Customs in consumption are also mutating, joining everyday tasks such as listening to podcasts in the car or on public transport routes.

We want to consume the content at any place and time, without paying great attention, neither visual nor reading, only auditory.

Verdict: ACCERT


30 million Spaniards have the WhatsApp on their mobile (data from Hootsuite and We Are Social), so it is logical to think that it is a channel that must be explored in the marketing of companies.

In addition, it is a means that the consumer perceives with confidence, being able to contact their business contacts directly by courier.

Although the possibility of launching commercial campaigns has always been denied, WhatsApp Business is the application prepared for the deployment of marketing campaigns, with such interesting functions as broadcast groups, automatic responses and its API, to program automatisms.

Verdict: ACCERT


It is a technology that identifies human faces and their main biometric characteristics (age, sex, moods, …).

It is used in social networks, which recognize the people of the photos you upload, as well as devices such as access to buildings or the smartphone.

The possibilities are many, perhaps it is necessary to standardize the technology, improve it and make it cheaper. And above all to clarify legal aspects of privacy, to enable the recognition of web pages.

Something similar occurs with the recognition of images , which allows labeling and incorporating expanded information, as if a photo of a property is exterior or interior, is a building or a single-family home, a pool appears, a garden, is a photo of a bath,…

It is also used for customer opinion analysis to detect what they consume, license plate detection, among many others.

Verdict: MAYBE BY 2020


This technique has the ability to obtain the real and exact geographical location of an object. Taking into account that today we all carry the smartphone with us, even without activating geolocation, it opens up great possibilities for marketing campaigns.

Applications can mix geotagging and personalized advertising , such as detecting an article to display a related message on a sign near the consumer’s location.

Verdict: MAYBE BY 2020


The great promise since the beginning of the decade, the video is certainly a high-consumption content, not only in specialized networks such as YouTube.

Marketing managers understand that it is necessary to adapt and optimize the content material to each platform on which they are disseminated. Producing video can take a long time and be a task that requires a high budget.

Fortunately, tools appear that allow you to create personalized videos , in different versions in a massive way, to adapt to different contexts and platforms.

Google has launched Director Mix , in which different audience segments, texts, images, video and audio are added to the shaker to produce different versions. Another tool that helps prepare videos, especially for ads, is Mockup video . sky marketing islamabad use it

Verdict: ACCERT


In digital marketing, we gather all kinds of data to predict whether creative and media strategies will achieve results.

You can analyze how much time a user spent watching a video, how far a page moved or how many of the emails have been opened and on which links it has been clicked.

Almost everything can be measured, but does that mean you have to measure and analyze it? When it comes to data, less is more.

If too many metrics are recorded, how can coherent decisions be made to compare one campaign or strategy with another?

In marketing you usually work with 2 types of campaigns: brand and performance. The relevant thing in the analysis is:

  • If we are getting people’s attention,
  • how they behave in response and
  • What’s the score.

Having the right metric for each analysis, it is enough to be able to compare and make decisions.

Analysis tools such as Analytics or Data Studio help with this task, moving from a lot of data to an easily parsable result.

Verdict: ACCERT


When talking about machine learning and robotics , many people are fearful, because it is easy to imagine that machines displace us from our professional function.

The right paradigm is to understand that robots do some tasks better than us and let them move on, freeing humans to focus on what we do exceptionally well: ideas, inspiration, creativity, emotions, social relationships .

Machines can also free up time in the area of ​​advertising creativity, to optimize graphic and search ads, depending on how users respond to different impacts.

The algorithms are optimized for these low-level decisions, so it is better to leave that mathematical task to focus on the things that machines cannot do as well as we do, such as identifying the next marketing challenge

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