Tips & Tools for Detecting Fake Followers on Instagram

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Influential marketing is a visible marketing method and in a choice of Instagram followers for your next campaign it is pretty difficult on deciding whom to trust. No need to rely on an influencer who has no followers or is fully under the grasp of them. It can take a toll on your marketing budget and pose considerable risk to your brand as a whole.

A silver lining would be that there are several methods to detect fake followers on Instagram. Once you have put forth the list of influencers let us now observe some tips on how to detect fake Instagram followers. This means you can focus on working with reputable ones.

Over the last few years, common practice would be to purchase bots.This increases their follower base on social media. People will purchase a bot, and they are going to comment on likes with a hash tag. It can be even with the hope that people would follow them back. To ascertain whether an Instagram account relies on bot a lot, the below tips would be of help

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  • On other peoples posts check out account comments. If a generic comment is obtained it means that behind profile bot exists
  • An account could have tons of followers but the content could be terrible. Here you have to rely on your own judgment as in spite of over a number of followers; less engaging content is a cause of worry.
  • If you are following an account they could the UN follow you? This could point to the occurrence of a bot.
  • Take a guard even after you UNfollow them they go on to follow you back. The design of a bot occurs to follow and unfollow people. This would be till you return the favour.
  • If they are having a considerable amount of accounts they are a bot. They are going to have a small number of followers. If the ratio does not match it would not be a bot.

Ultimately whether an account poses to be a legitimate one depends upon your sense of justice. If they are going to take decisions which do not justify their actions, then humans are not there and some other form of intervention exists.

Tools to check fake Instagram followers

IG audit


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