Things to educate yourself about a bail bond system?

The surety bond

If you are subject to arrest till a court proves you then you are not guilty. Ideally, it means that you can proceed to your home and prepare your case. The surety bond companies set up bonds which help you to accomplish this process in an easy manner. Take stock of the fact that it appears to be your fundamental right and you need to appear in court for the hearings. In case if you do not have the amount for court hearings then you are not going to have any option rather than spending your time in jail. This would be until the time of your hearing. The logic why bail would be given to you would be that a defendant does have some family and moral obligations to comply with.

The working of the system

The moment you are subject to arrest from a legal point of view you can make a phone call. The reason why this provision would be given would be that you need to inform your family or a dear friend that you are in jail and would like to secure bail. The person with whom you did get in touch with contact a bail bondsman and they are going to secure your release in a fast manner. If you avail the services of a professional bondsman the method of availing bail seems to be fairly quick. They are going to get your details in jail and then apply for bail. In fact, to obtain finer details they will prepare a report. You need to include them in the bail document which they have to sign in the days to come.

The person who did get in touch with the bondsman would be the co-signee and need to sign on the bond. Usually, they need to give something of value. This could be in the form of cash or any property. At the same time if the charges are really small they might have to merely sign the paper. Once you sign it the bail bondsman will proceed and hand it over to a judge who will sign and then approve it. Once after approval, you can take the defendant home.

For the token of services which a bail bondsman goes on to provide they should get around 10 % of the bail amount. Suppose if the cost of the bail appears to be $ 10,000 then the cost of bail would emerge to be $ 1000. In fact, the amount of money could be on the higher side and you cannot afford to pay all at once. The bail bondsman understands this and they provide you with an option of paying it via installments or by credit card. Just you might have to agree with the terms and conditions of the agent with whom you are interacting with.

Against the bond, the co-signee would act as a form of surety which means you will appear in court on the given day.

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