Real estate strategies to sell more apartments in a real estate agency

Real estate strategies to sell more apartments in a real estate agency

Before you close your real estate business for Christmas and take a well-deserved rest, we want to wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy year, in addition to telling you some real estate strategies to sell more apartments.

We close the year very excited about the Inmogesco project that we started now a year ago and with which we have already achieved important successes. Among the best rewards we have received in these months, we highlight the comments on the Faisal Hills Blog and on our social networks, where you have congratulated and encouraged us to move forward.

“Nice to have met you.” Elena del Bosque García

During these months we have covered almost all disciplines related to real estate activity, among which are real estate sales techniques, real estate marketing, current news and interviews with real estate experts.

“As always we find very interesting everything you look for and present.” Felix Bozal.

For a few months we have expanded the themes of our blog to send you relevant information about rentals and real estate terms. And they have had a great reception!

The best real estate strategies to sell more apartments in a real estate agency

So do not be discouraged! You can still end the year closing a sale or start it in the best possible way with these strategies to close deals on plots for sale in Islamabad. Traditionally the season from November to February has been considered as the worst to sell a property . However, not everything is bad news, as Christmas buyers are more serious and there is less competition in the market.

·         Beware of Christmas decoration!

A bit is not bad, but the excess can scare interested visitors.

·         Set a realistic price

As we mentioned at the beginning, the buyer looking for a house on these dates is more serious, so if you make a realistic offer, you are more likely to succeed.

·         Take care of the photos of the property

Always remember that when the weather is bad, visits to your real estate website go up . Try to give an image of warmth that inspires desire to visit them.

·         Create a video tour of the house

Take advantage of these days when there are fewer visits to create a video tour. It helps future owners get an accurate idea of ​​what they will see when they visit it and increases the likelihood of the operation closing.

·         Prepare the house

Bad weather is a good help for those interested to spend more time in the home you teach them. Increase the feeling of warmth with the lights on and better if there is a fireplace!

·         Offers discounts and special offers

There is no longer any problem in offering great discounts on specified dates, not even in real estate. Take advantage of this circumstance to attract interested and give a push to the undecided.

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