Must-Try Foods in West Bengal State

Must-Try Foods in West Bengal State
West Bengal state is the heart of India. People of this state are very loving, caring and friendly. You will fell in love with this place once you visit it. So if you are a foodie then west Bengal is your destination. Food is always a reflection of its origin. But west Bengal is not only famous for its delicious food but West Bengal state lottery as well.So let’s start a list of mouthwatering dishes in West Bengal.


Let’s start our list with sweets. Sweet is considered a mark of happiness. And if you do not like sweet then you would be on the list of 10% people. In West Bengal, you can try different sweets and desserts. Some of the most popular are: Sondesh, ChamCham, and Rasgulla Note: it would be a big regret to not try west Bengal sweets.

Delicious Kathi Rolls

You must have tried this dish if you are living in India. And for our foreign readers, you should try these rolls. The rolls are consist of kebabs, roti and some sauces and salads. It is said that it was the invention of British people because they hesitated to touch the kebab. But whatever be the history of this food is no matter. The one thing is a hundred percent sure that the food is so tasty.

Shukto for Veggie Lovers

Shukto is a 100 percent vegetarian dish. So if you are a vegetarian then don’t forget to try Shukto in west Bengal. Shukto is made up of, potatoes, bitter ground, and some Bengali spices. This mix up of vegetable gravies is superb.

Jhal Muri

This food is made up of rice flacks and mustard oil. And other ingredients are also added to enhance the taste of the dish. It is a snack that you can enjoy with tea or while watching TV.

Kosha Mangsho for Mutton Lovers

Mutton lover, your dish is here. Kosha Mangsho is a pure mutton gravy dish. Its cook in tomato curry and yogurt. Mustard oil is used for the preparation of the dish. And some of the signature spices are the monetary ingredients of this food. In Kolkata, you can find the restaurant for this food.

Daab Chingri for Sea Food Lovers

Bengalis are experts in seafood cooking. Their traditional dishes mostly consist of fish meat. So, Daab Chingri is another very delicious dish for seafood lovers. The dish is made up of prawns with heavy spicy curry. Don’t forget to try Daab Chingri when you are in West Bengal.


So foodies, have you enjoyed these foods? Or are you ready to taste these meals? So my suggestion is to try these meals and give your feedback to me. Thanks

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