Wrap very fragile material   in a towel or t-shirt.

heavy duty backpack

The better you charge your backpack, the more things you can put in it, and the easier it will be to get your things on the way. In addition, by adopting the correct method to charge your backpack, you will also gain stability. Here are some tips for a properly filled backpack!

When you want to hike for several days, it is of course essential to be one with your backpack. Here are  some useful tips for filling your backpack so that it fits your body perfectly. By filling the ideal backpack adequately, you are guaranteed a carefree hike. Here’s how:

A: Sleeping bag, mattress, sandals  heavy duty backpack

Of course, you don’t need your overnight gear during the day. Better to place them below. If you are short on space, you can also attach the tent pegs and your  mattress to the outside of your backpack. You can attach your hiking stick or camera tripod to it, if your backpack is fitted with brackets. Also be careful not to move too much material from the inside to the outside, otherwise you risk losing stability.

B: Folded tent canvas, tensioners, clothing, bath towel


Put all your  clothes in bags (waterproof) , in order to gain maximum volume. Fold your tent  according to the shape of the compartment.

C: Food, sweaters, jacket, kitchen equipment

Better to place heavy objects, such as your water  bottle or gas cylinder , at shoulder height or even above and as  close to your body . The center of gravity of your luggage thus corresponds to yours. avoid placing hard or sharp objects on  the back.

D: Rain pants, binoculars, headlamp, gloves, hat Place over the objects you need  during the day, like a headlamp, the binoculars or hat . You can easily access it at any time.

E: First aid kit, sunscreen, insect spray, snacks … swiss army knife, water, sunglasses. As many objects which will find their place perfectly in the  side pockets where they will be directly at hand if necessary.

Some explanations in pictures:

Some additional tips

Avoid hanging objects outside your  backpack as much as possible . Thus destabilized, it would considerably overload the  muscles of your back and legs . For these same reasons, today we mainly find backpacks with an  internal frame and no longer external, which offers many advantages .

Place  anything that can leak  and everything that needs to be kept dry  in waterproof bags . Wrap your insecticide in a piece of cloth, because in the event of a leak, the product could damage your backpack. You will find  here more tips to keep your belongings dry.heavy duty backpack

Test  different ways  to fill your backpack before you set out. This will tell you which method is best for you. in this regard, you should not think about what to take, but rather what you definitely do   not need.

Carrying a heavy load on your back also has an impact on your feet. With the right combination of shoes, socks and soles, your feet will definitely last for miles.

Do you want to know how to keep your outdoor equipment looking like new? Here are  some useful maintenance tips .

Ready to hit the road for your next trek?


Put our checklist next to your luggage and quickly check if you haven’t forgotten anything. Good trekking!

Complete your equipment

Are you traveling by plane ? Protect your backpack from wear and transport conditions with a resistant flight bag . Is rain forecast? Unfortunately, in Belgium, this is more about generality than exception. Then choose a backpack with a rain cover to improve the weather resistance of your bag.    

Backpacks with rain cover >>

What a frustration to find that the pants you need are at the bottom of your backpack! Thanks to a practical storage system , organize your belongings efficiently while keeping them dry.    

Did you know that carabiners are very useful if you have to dry your shoes, for example? With these practical hooks, you can easily attach them to your backpack.

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