funky umberella


It will not have escaped anyone’s attention: the weather is not really mild these days. Unless you stay under the duvet – which we have all considered – we will have to be equipped to deal with it funky umberella.


With any luck, we have a coat with a hood that covers enough, which stays in place. Otherwise, you can opt for a head covering , but it protects more from the cold than from bad weather. This is all the more the case with the rain, against which the all-found ally is … the umbrella.


The problem is that it is difficult to navigate: what differences between models at 20 € and others at 200 €? Rather straight or folding umbrella? What are the criteria to be observed? Which brands to turn to?


This is what we are going to wonder!


funky umberella

Whatever the umbrella, it will always consist of the same parts. It is mainly the materials chosen that will make the difference.



The mast is a bit like the backbone of the umbrella, onto which all the other pieces will be grafted.


Generally, it is made of metal or wood. The first will be more fragile but will gain in flexibility , compared to the second, rigid but more solid.


The mast fits into the handle. That said, on some high-end models, both are carved from a single piece of wood.


Jupiter model from the Ayrens brand, with hand-carved mast and handle in a single piece of maple. At € 660, it is also equipped with a GPS chip. Yes Yes…



Most are made of nylon or polyester for waterproofing.


During my research, I read that the polyester versions were to be preferred but I cannot confirm it 1 That said, the more upscale brands – we’ll come back to this in the selection – do tend to turn to this option.


When it comes to design, there is absolutely everything.


We can also find some rare blends based on cotton or silk. Conversely, those benefiting from technical treatments 2 are more and more numerous.



These are the “rods” which connect the canvas to the mast and deploy once the accessory is open, giving it its shape.


When an umbrella “is broken”, it is often that a whale has given way. Those in steel are the most fragile, prefer carbon or fiberglass. Their flexibility makes these materials less brittle.


There are 8 whales for the classic versions. The more there are, the more it will be wind resistant.


Wind resistance depends on the number of whales.



There are two main types.


First, the right umbrella. Also called “cane umbrella”, it ends with a rod that can hit the ground when you walk.


It is the most elegant of the alternatives , in addition to being durable. Only problem: its lack of practicality.


The total height of a straight umbrella ranges from 90 to 100 cm.


He opposes the folding umbrella. Certainly less aesthetic, its format makes it much more practical.


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