funky umberella

Trendy women’s umbrella made in France

Essential fashion accessories for the female wardrobe, the women’s umbrellas from Maison Piganiol combine high-end quality and trendy design. Canes, bells or folding umbrellas , our collection of luxury umbrellas fits allwardrobes  funky umberella.


Cane, bell or folding: which model of women’s umbrella to choose?

An essential element of the feminine wardrobe, the umbrella for women is available almost endlessly. Whether classic or more original, straight or folding, our women’s umbrella models are suitable for all uses.

With an elegant curved handle, women’s cane umbrellas are timeless models of city umbrellas. More practical but just as chic, the folding umbrellas for women have a telescopic handle that will allow you to easily slip it into your handbag. Finally, the bell umbrella , with its original shape in transparent canvas, will be the most suitable when bad weather is accompanied by strong winds.


funky umberella


A solid and elegant umbrella for women

Matching your umbrella to your wardrobe is a way to stand out in the dullness. To accompany a sophisticated or classic look, a beautiful umbrella for women in plain canvas with high-end finishes is an ideal choice.

Choose for example the Aurillac model, emblematic model of our collection, with its chestnut wood mast and its elegant embroidered canvas. Available in several sober colors, this luxury women’s umbrella, with timeless charm, will sublimate any outfit.




… But also original

For a more daring look capable of brightening the grayest days, let yourself be tempted by a pretty original woman’s umbrella . In plain canvas in vibrant colors or in canvas printed with vitamin patterns, opt for a model with a trendy design to accompany your daily life.

Folding version or straight handle, our collection of solid umbrellas for women offers a wide selection of bold patterns, suitable for all tastes.


With more than 133 years dedicated to the manufacture of umbrellas and rich in its heritage, the Piganiol company has retained its artisanal know-how and its values. Five generations have succeeded at its head to make it one of the European leaders in the high-end umbrella. Piganiol is now looking to the future and innovating in the luxury umbrella. Come and discover over the pages our L’Aurillac umbrellas, our high-end umbrellas, combining the tradition of age-old expertise and the creativity of a fashion accessory, as well as original and refined women’s umbrellas and men’s umbrellas .

While strolling on our site discover our essential model, the Aurillac umbrella . Available in many colors, its 100% cotton canvas will brighten up your rainy days while providing comfort and protection. A chestnut wood handle and brass finishes, these are the characteristics of the Aurillac umbrella that make this classic elegant and timeless.

The Piganiol umbrella is also the iconic Berger umbrella to adopt during walks in the countryside or in the mountains without fear of downpours. Available in 8 colors, the  Berger umbrella is the emblem of our heritage and our know-how for more than 135 years.


Want to offer a unique gift? Do you want to have a unique umbrella? Our house offers you a personalized umbrella ! Do not hesitate to send us your requests, we will do our best to make them happen.


The Piganiol umbrella is the ultimate French umbrella, the neat umbrella to the finish, the umbrella that looks like you.


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