Family Fun With an Inflatable Kayak or Canoe: A Great Way to Come Closer Together!

Family Fun With an Inflatable Kayak or Canoe: A Great Way to Come Closer Together!

Is your family bored of the same vacations or camping trips? If you are like many others, with today’s tough and hectic lifestyle, it is not always practical to fly away on a vacation. Most people have limited time that they can take off of work and it is nearly impossible to plan something around everyone’s schedule. Inflatable kayaks are the perfect way to gather with immediate or distant family for a weekend, a day or even just a few hours to make some memories.

Inflatable kayaks are items that anyone can operate, invest in and store. Since they fold back up super compact in their original bag, even apartment dwellers can have them and when you do go on vacation, they fit in your trunk or the overhead compartment on an airplane. They are safe, stable, user-friendly and easy to operate so yes, even your kids will love them!

Fun With the Kids

When was the last time you gathered your children up and did something together for the day out in the fresh air and sunshine? You don’t need to use up any vacation time or dip into your savings account to pack the family in the car with snacks, water and your inflatable kayaks and head to the nearest body of water.

There are inflatable kayaks and canoes designed specifically for the height and weight of children and there are others that are made a little larger so you an fit an extra child in yours with you. Each kayak will take less than 15 minutes at the most to inflate and prepare and they’re so easy to do, you can teach your children to do their own.

Always make sure that you and your children wear a PFD and it is a good idea to teach them to Eskimo roll their kayak if you are going to be in faster running water where they may tip. It is also recommended to make sure that you have a dry bag to store your cellphone, camera, car keys, repair kit and emergency food.

Extended Family

Have brothers, sisters or cousins you barely get to see anymore? Inflatable kayaks are a great way to bring the family together. Why not make a point to meet up once a month or so at different places for a day on the water and give everyone the chance to unwind and catch up? Since they can be transported and stored easily, there is no excuse why everyone can’t have one. Chances are, you probably all try to find the time to meet for dinner occasionally so why not break away from the ordinary and boring and do something memorable and exciting?

Families don’t spend nearly enough quality time together anymore, especially not outdoors, enjoying nature. Rather than spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon where your kids are playing video games and you are working on your Monday morning meeting, pack up your inflatable kayaks and head to the water instead! And the main question always arises is, Kayak vs Canoe


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