Dubai driving tips

Dubai driving tips

The United Arab Emirates is a developed country and has one of the most advanced highways and road infrastructures in the world. The GCR (Global Competitiveness Report), which is published by the World Economic Forum in 2019, ranks the UAE 7th in the ranking of road quality.

The United Arab Emirates continues construction and management of roads in accordance with international standards. They use the most appropriate technology to meet the UAE’s environmental conditions. These projects are designed to increase traffic efficiency and connect various parts of the country and city through a modern road network. UAE has a road network linking different emirates.

For many people, driving in large cities like Dubai can be frightening. It is also one of the most liberating experiences. Driving in Dubai can be frightening if you don’t have a lot of knowledge and experience about the traffic. You will not be able to drive on busy, large roads in Dubai if you don’t have experience. These rules are not only important for road safety but also provide driving tips and basic traffic laws.

Safety tips for driving on Dubai roads

Below are some basic driving tips for driving on Dubai roads. We recommend that you hire a chauffeured car from

If you don’t know the Dubai road layout, car rental in Dubai is an option.

1- Keep a safe distance

It is important to keep a safe distance when driving. Keep at least 3 to 5 seconds distance between your vehicle, and the vehicle in front. This will allow you to adjust your speed and take emergency breaks. You don’t have to allow other drivers to squeeze into the spaces that you have left. You can recreate the distance and close that gap again. This will allow you to prepare and control your vehicle in an emergency. Safety is paramount.

2- Driving in a Fast Lane

If you want to drive fast, you will definitely do so. Overspeeding is punishable in Dubai with a severe fine. However, some motorists continue to speed and enjoy the privilege of driving in the fast lane. Each lane on the road is clearly marked and the fastest lane is located on the left. You must follow the speed limit when driving in the fast lanes. Slow drivers often drive in the fast lane, refusing to give way to other drivers. The fast lane is only for those who exceed the upper-speed limit. Be alert, and if you spot a faster vehicle approaching from the rear, use your right indicator to signal that you are moving and turn around.

3- Hazards Light

If you want to drive safely, it is important that you use hazard lights in a responsible manner. If there is a danger ahead, motorists will warn you. Drivers will be able to shift to the slower lane in an emergency. To signal to other drivers that the car is having problems, they must keep their hazard lights on. These hazard lights will be used to communicate any malfunctions with your car. People often misuse these lights to avoid properly parking their cars. It is a bad idea to use hazard lights when it is foggy or rainy. It doesn’t make sense of the world ahead and creates more traffic.

4- Driving on the Hard Shoulder

Avoid driving your car on the hard shoulder. Driving on a hard shoulder is dangerous and can be dangerous. Don’t overdo it. Do not copy what you see. Many people refuse to drive safely and choose to take the hard shoulder, even if they don’t have flat tires. This is often done in traffic jams. If you are caught doing this, you can be fined 1,000 AED. After pulling your car up to the hard shoulder, if you experience flat tires or other issues, please go through the safety barrier and dial the emergency number.

Additional Tips to Drive Safely in Dubai

  1. Be calm and patient. While you may encounter some irritating and erratic drivers on the road, it is important to avoid rash and useless behavior.
  2. Always wear your seatbelt when driving in Dubai. You will be subject to 4 points and a fine of up to 400 AED.
  3. RTA Smart Drive is an RTA Dubai app that helps you navigate through traffic and roads in Dubai.
  4. You cannot drive without a valid driving license. You must also have the driving license of the emirate in which you reside.
  5. Before you take your car out on the streets, make sure it is registered.
  6. Avoid using your cell phone while driving in Dubai.
  7. To annoy other drivers, don’t swear or make hand gestures. It is against public indecency.


These are the most important tips to remember when driving in Dubai. It’s as easy as getting into a routine. It is as simple as getting used to it. To make it safer and easier, you need to be familiar with the driving rules and laws. Rental Cars UAE is our top recommendation if you’re in Dubai looking for the best van rental in Dubai. Book your car online to enjoy a comfortable trip at your own pace.


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