Be a leader, not a dictator

Be a leader, not a dictator

Learn to collaborate with your team as a leader and involve your agents in creating their own solutions.

The only thing worse than a real estate agency  like buy property leader who is unwilling to lead his team is one who acts like a dictator. The best real estate leaders are those with a reputation for having a team of “miracle” agents, those who lead their team members to achieve more than they thought possible, those who collaborate. It is important to say that you will not earn this reputation (and its corresponding real estate success ) if you do not develop the ability to advise, to challenge the limits of your agents and to collaborate with your team at all times.

The estate agents  need to create those habits in case you have not. Those who are unable to see that need will give you an advantage that you are reading this now and that you will act on it. Now, that  does not mean that you are better than them, it simply means that you have a more objective perspective of their situation and yours.

Think that,  despite your experience and objectivity, you will run into agents who think they know the situation better. Right now, as its leader, you should not be afraid to say, “You are a great agent, I only share with you this little feedback that will propel you to the next level. Prepare to work with them and sharpen their qualities; Recommend trainings that you have seen that were effective for other agents, only you have the opportunity to guide them to a higher level than they think they can achieve. If, on the contrary, they insist on backing down or refuse to make a positive change You must prepare to be even more assertive, have the courage to tell them what they need to hear, and remember that all of this has a long-term benefit to them (even if they find it irritable in the short term).

This situation requires a delicate balance, if you force them to make a change without allowing them to actively participate in it, then you will end up acting like a dictator and that is not the way to build a business in smart city Islamabad. You must involve and motivate agents to find their own solutions. Ask them questions and sincerely listen to their answers. You may know that something is not going to work, but instead of saying “no, that is not the right direction for you” (which will put the agent on the defensive) you should allow them to be part of the decision. Become partners looking for a solution by proposing different options, this will allow you to identify the correct destination and guide your team towards it.

Collaboration fosters loyalty and enables officers to take pride in what they do. By providing them with reliable recommendations, fostering commitment and collaborating with them, they can form a solid and healthy team.


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