Apparent the Delete Saved Files alternative for your Setup Manager.

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  1. A WebSphere Application was performed by A system administrator By using the Setup Manager server setup. During setup, all defaults were chosen for also the tools directory along with the installation root directories. With assorted fixes and fix packs, the setup has been upgraded by the secretary With time. The administrator grows larger whenever and finds that the tools directory that is shared is big in size the Setup Manager is conducted.application server

How can the dimensions Reduce and eliminate some Of the articles in the resources directory that is shared?

Manually delete content.

During an upgrade, create a new sources directory.


Establish to false.

  1. The Config control conducted to The setup with the -alternative. The administrator altered the properties for the support integration environment by changing the file. During testing the secretary detected Service Integration Bus wished to reestablish the support integration environment and associated mistakes. The properties to the support integration surroundings weren’t restored, although the config control was used by the secretary.

How can this matter be prevented by the secretary?

Use repository checkpoints for the and the backup restore.

Use the config control with -nostop to your restore.

Utilize the profiles control for the and the backup restore.

Use the config control without -nostop for your backup Use the config control without -nostop to your restore.


  1. There is A system administrator configuring the safety of a New atmosphere. The secretary was asked to configure a single LDAP server which has for management users and company users.


What if the secretary do to execute the necessary Safety configuration?


Publish a security domain for your own LDAP server that is standalone.


Utilize Federated repositories and configure the supported Thing types.


Use Customized and then configure the file implementation.


  1. A host cluster has been included by A system administrator The administrator needs to get a failover place for each engine and to configure a single messaging engine.


What if the secretary do to reach the necessary Layout?


Configure a messaging engine that is new in each host failover.


Configure the information store Server from the cluster.


Select with high accessibility as the messaging Engine coverage.


Produce a set policy that is core to limit each engine To a server.


  1. A system administrator wants to understand a few of the Python Scripting controls for the management of this surroundings.


Which product attribute if the secretary usage?


The AdminTask object to create wsadmin scripts.


The actions panel in the Integrated Solutions


The”Log command help controls” option in


  1. globalScript. py.


What if the secretary do to guarantee globalScript. py While the wsadmin casing is used is loaded?


Compile into a Java class from the bin directory.


Invoke wsadmin


Alter the script globalScript. py.


Place from the file to Load globalScript. py.


  1. A system administrator has created a Python script which Where protection is enabled, Will operate in WebSphere Network mobile.


This script will be conducted by using and is called The following:


Can the secretary suppress a user/password instant From if this script is run, appearing? Place the username and password at the:


sas.client.props file.


ssl.client.props file.


soap.client.props file. file.


  1. A script which produces runs And understands that the script fails prior to finishing also configures servers. They’re rolled back when the script fails Though tasks triumphed.


What can the secretary before running the script So the tasks that are finished are dedicated if jobs neglect, Increase the script?


AdminApp.update ()






  1. An application set up to your cluster is Reported to get slowness and threads that were wrapped. A system administrator is requested to assess the logs whether the suspended threads are a false alert and determine.


Do the administrator decide the threads that are hung Are a false alert?


Examine the:


ffdc logs






native_stderr. log


  1. A system administrator supposes that the slow Lock contention might causes Functionality of an application.

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