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Trusted Legal Solutions for Defective Medical Equipment Personal Injury in New York

Defective medical equipment can cause critical damages to the patients when the staffs and doctors remain negligent while operating them. The primary reason here is the defect in the design and architecture of the product. For example you can consider an ultra sound scanning device may have effects in the pulse controls that could damage the internal organs of the patient being diagnosed. A defective medical ventilator can cause lung disorders or even cause death of patient. The most difficult part of such incidents is the lack of knowledge and information to the patients and their family members about the real cause behind their personal injuries.

Parker Waichman New York

Parker Waichman New York has the best of personal injury lawyers capable of fighting such cases and getting the right justice in time. The first task is to establish the link between personal injury and the medical equipment used for performing specific operation on the patient. If the symptoms are external it is less time consuming for the patients to identify them. In case of internal injuries it might take a long time for the initial symptoms to be detected.

Defective Medical Equipment – Personal Injury Investigation

If you have any symptoms of internal organ damages you have to contact the medical expert and get diagnosed. It is better to choose a reliable hospital (other than the previous one where you got treated). This will help in determining the root cause of the damage and its intensity. If you get the slightest hint about the possibility of medical equipment caused damage, you have to immediately contact the defective medical equipment lawyer.

  • Your personal injury lawyer will launch a detailed investigation based on the latest diagnosis and treatment report you have. This is a highly complex procedure which requires the help of medical expert specializing in the field of medical equipment and the reason (disease, infection, injury etc) for which you underwent the diagnosis in the first instance. Your lawyer and the expert can establish the ground evidence based on the existing reports and further diagnosis and treatments.
  • The nest task of your lawyer is to establish the strict liability on part of the manufacturer, doctor or the medical center/hospital where you got diagnosed. For this he obtains legal permission from the law enforcement authorities and the court of law.

Defective Medical Equipment

  • If the defect is found in the medical equipment, he will try and get the details of other patients who got diagnosed before you using the same equipment. This will help determine the point of failure. The strict liability is mostly on the manufacturer, while the negligent liability could be on the doctors or the hospital staffs. Your lawyer considers all these parameters while conducting the investigations.
  • Once the foolproof evidences are collected, your lawyer can go ahead and file the lawsuit claim against the concerned person (organization). He will be able to manage all the procedures related to trials, arguments, counter arguments and evidences for and against your case and other legal aspects. His aim is to get you the deserved justice and compensation within the specific time frame.