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What does it Cost to Get the Hot Tub Removed

Hot Tub Removed
The construction and covering materials used in the making of tub contribute to the cost of getting the hot tub removed from your home. If you are still using the traditional form, they may be made of wood and plastic combination. Modern hot tubs are made from a combination of engineering grade plastic, vinyl, acrylic, cement, steel, glass, fiber, and PVC.  The removed from junk genius may need to break down the tub into parts before loading into the transporting truck. The ease with which he is able to perform this task determines the costs involved. Concrete and cement tubs are heavier in nature and hard to break. In some cases, they may be reinforced with insulating materials like silica, marble chips and rubber for heat retention. Once he breaks the tub and segregates the materials, the remover will be able to pack them appropriately for loading and transporting.

Disconnecting Pipes and Wires before Hot Tub Removed

The process of disconnecting the water pipes (inlet and outlet0 and wires used for connecting to the heaters consumes more time. The remover needs to perform the task of an expert plumber.

  • He needs all the equipment and utilities used by the plumber for unscrewing of inlet pipes. Once he has done that, he needs to ensure sealing the inlet pipes with proper valves. In some instances, he may need to dismantle the entire pipes connecting to the hot tub from the source.
  • Removal of wires connecting to the onboard heaters and their disassembly from the tub is another complex and time-consuming process. The remover needs to be aware of the safety measures to be adopted while performing these tasks.

Reusability Options after Hot Tub Removed

Hot Tub Removed

In some instances, the options for repairing may exist after Hot Tub Removed. Then the remover may not break down the tub. Rather he chooses to move it as a whole. Many such tubs get recycled every year to be converted into backyard pond, rooftop garden, cold water bathtub and many other forms.

  • Many of the service providers repair them after Hot tub removed from your home. They may use it for making excellent pieces of artwork from them also. In fact, many of the old hot tubs can be converted into fishponds, deck side water fountains etc.
  • If such reusability is not possible as a whole, the remover might break them before Hot tub removed from your home. Then he segregates the materials into reusable and non-usable components. In fact, more than 95% of the materials of the tubes can be reused.
  • Many of the outdoor art forms near public water ponds, swimming pools, gardens and other recreational grounds can be renovated with the help of materials taken after getting your hot tub removed.

The way in which the remover is able to reuse the materials depends on his experience and expertise in handling the materials used in the tubs. The best of removers will be able to reuse more than 98% of the materials through eco-friendly procedures after getting the hot tub removed.